Operating Hours: 10am – 11pm, 7 days a week ※The next closing day is March 19.

Admission fee (Adults)1,296 yen
Admission fee (Children, aged 3-12)756 yen

Including tax


For the comfort of the guests, we ask you to follow the rules below:
・Those using diapers (including potty training pants)
・Persons with tattoos (those who are heavily intoxicated are), not allowed to enter the facility.
・Use of mobile phones is not allowed in the changing area and bathroom.
・Guests are not allowed to take any still or motion pictures at any location within the facility.

For the comfort of other guests as well as for hygiene control, we ask you to refrain from using the bathtubs,sauna and bedrock bath during menstruation.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Children aged 8 years old or below, and less than 120 cm (3’11”) tall, may accompany a parent or guardian into a bath for the opposite sex.


Positive Effects of the Hotspring

Name of HotspringTokyo Somei Onsen
Location of Source5-4-24, Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Hot spring propertiesSodium, monochloride, strong salt hot spring
Temperature of Hotspring: 48.8 deg.C
Flow Rate500 liters per minute (by power pump)
Recommended for those with the following symptoms or conditionsChronic pain or stiffness of muscles and joints (chronic stage of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, neurosis, frozen shoulder, bruise, sprain, etc.), muscle stiffness due to motor paralysis, low gastrointestinal function (heavy stomach feeling, bloating, etc.), mild high blood pressure, diabetes, mild cholesteremia, mild asthma or emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, autonomic instability, stress-related symptoms, (disorder of sleep), recovering period from illness, recovery from exhaustion, health enhancement.
Not recommended for those with the following symptoms or conditionsActive stage of illness (especially with fever), active tuberculosis, significant physical weakening due to advanced malignancy or anemia, serious heart or lung discorder causing breathing difficulty even with light exercise, serious kidney problem causing edema, bleeding from the digestive tract, visible bleeding, sudden worsening stage of chronic illness.

About Tokyo Somei Onsen

The hotspring is 100% natural with rich components, affluent flow and sufficient temperature. For the comfort of our guests, however, the following measures are taken:
・Hotspring water is heated to maintain optimum temperature for bathing.
・Cycle filtration is installed for the preservation of natural resource and hygiene control.
・In order to meet the standards of the Tokyo Public Bath House Act, chlorine is added to the hot spring water.
・For hygiene control, iron and manganese removal equipment is installed and optimum temperature for bathing maintained.

Rental items

Rental items
Rental items
Rental items

Including tax

Hot Stone Sauna (with bathing garment and towel/ 25 minutes)

Hot Stone Sauna
Weekdays1,080 yen
Weekends & Holidays1,296 yen

Including tax

Guide to Second Floor (Smoking is prohibited in all rooms)

Lounge, Relaxation Room, Bodycare (seitai), Hair Salon, Aesthetic Salon Note: The second floor is not accessible from the Changing Area.
Please go up from the Lobby.



Entry of people with irezumi tatoo, those related with the mafia and those who are heavily drunk are strictly forbidden to enter the facility.


Please watch your step as the bathroom floor may be slippery.


Please rinse off your body at kakeyu area before soaking in the bath.


For hygienic reasons, do not soak your towel, etc. in the bath. Guests with long hair are requested not to soak their hair in the bath.


Please do not bring magazines or books when you go into the bath.


Please do not smoke, dye your hair or eat in the bathroom.


Do not speak in a loud voice in the bathroom so as not to disturb other guests.


Do not swim or dive in the bath. Enjoy your bathtime with good manners.


It is very dangerous to let children bathe on their own. They should be accompanied by their guardians at all times.


No swimsuits are allowed in the bathroom.

Please follow the rules so everyone can enjoy their onsen experience.

Onsen Rules

We ask our guests to follow the rules below:
・Those using diapers and those with skin diseases or other contageious diseases are not allowed to take a bath
・Your wristband allows you to use the locker of your choice. Make sure to lock the locker and keep the key in your possession at all times until you leave.
・Please keep your valuables in the safety box. We shall not be responsible for any loss, accident, etc.
・If you lose the locker key, you will be asked to pay a fee of 3,000 yen.
・Any items left behind will be kept at the front desk for a week, but they will be disposed after that if unclaimed.
・Plastic bottled drinks are allowed in the bathroom. Please put the bottle in the designated place before going into the bath and refrain from drinking in the bath.
・Please do not bring glass bottles to the bathroom since they could be very dangerous.
・For the convenience of other guests, please do not hold places with your belongings.
・Do not take away towels, amenities, etc. with you.
・Do not bring items other than your towel to the sauna room. Use of a sauna sheet, oil, salt, etc. is not allowed.
・Pour cold water over your body before going into the cold bath.

Be sure to keep your valuables in the safety box. We shall not be responsible for any loss or accidents.

How to use the locker

How to use the locker

Lockers and wristbands have different
numbers. Empty lockers are indicated by blue.
Please use the locker of your choice.

How to use the locker
How to use the locker
How to use the locker

1. Insert key
2. Turn the key to the left after it makes a clicking sound.
3. The locker is safely locked when the indicator turns red. Remove the key and wear the band on your wrist.

・If you want to repeat the procedure, please remove the key once before you start from the beginning.
・Please inform a staff member if you do not remember your locker number.
・Do not leave the locker unattended with the key inserted.
・ We shall not be responsible for any theft or accident prevention. Please deposit your valuables in the safety box.
・If you lose the locker key, you will be charged a fee of 3,000 yen.



Restaurant serving hand-prepared dishes by the finest chefs using seasonal ingredients. Enjoy meals in a relaxed, Japanese-style interior. The menu includes numerous options from Japanese, Chinese to Western cuisines. On weekdays it is possible to visit the restaurant without entering the baths.
*Please consult us if there any foods or drinks you are unable to consume, such as for religious, ethical or medical reasons.


5-4-2 Komagome,Toshima-ku,Tokyo


Traveling by train

Traveling by train

How to get to Sakura from the ticket barriers at Sugamo Stn. on the JR Yamanote Line. (Video)

Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle service runs from trees just beyond the rotary outside the South Exit of JR Sugamo Stn.

Shuttle Bus
Shuttle Bus

How to get to the Sakura shuttle bus stop from the ticket barriers at Sugamo Stn. on the JR Yamanote Line. (Video)


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